The First Signs of Life: Early Pregnancy

When the first heartbeat is seen through an ultra sound, or when the first kick is felt through the womb, it can be a joyous feeling. But, these wonderful firsts in pregnancy aren't necessarily the signs of early pregnancy, as the actual first signs of pregnancy are a bit more uncomfortable.

Early pregnancy can begin with everyday, normal ailments as well as abnormal changes in the body. Listed below are the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy that every woman should be aware of:

First Trimester Symptoms

The symptoms that you experience in early pregnancy are that of the first trimester, or first three months. During the first three months, the fetus is developing all of its organs, including its eyes, ears, mouth, legs, and so on. No pregnancy symptoms should be present during this first month, however the second month you should start to experience nausea, or "morning sickness". Light spotting may also occur, that may be mistaken for a period, when it actually is the result of the fetus implanting itself into the uterus.

By the third month, the symptoms of early pregnancy should be more profound, and include headaches, nausea, severe mood swings and constipation. By this time, the baby has grown to about four inches long and has most of his or her body parts.

Taking Care of Yourself in Early Pregnancy

Most physicians will agree that the first three months are the most important in pregnancy. During early pregnancy, the baby is developing all of its vital organs as well as the brain. That is why it is very important, that once you discover you are indeed pregnant, to schedule a visit to your doctor as soon as you can.

He or she will recommend how to care for your unborn child, what kinds of vitamins and supplements you should be taking, and what kinds of vices you will need to stay away from. It is also the best time to begin planning how are you are going to carry on your life after the baby is born, this includes handling finances, going on maternity leave, moving to a bigger house, etc.

Early pregnancy is vital not only to the health of your baby, but it is also important to know if you are pregnant right away, so you can begin to plan for your new family's future.