Early Pregnancy Test - Find Out Even before a Missed Period!

Some couples plan and wish to have a baby for years and it extremely important for them to know about the pregnancy as soon as it occurs. Other couples that have not planned a baby need to know about the pregnancy as soon as possible also as the arrival of a baby changes one's life completely and many choices have to be made in the process.

Easy Ways to Detect Pregnancy

Usually women who are sexually active keep track of their monthly menstrual period in order to determine the most fertile time of the month and to know precisely when they have missed their period. Many times women know they are pregnant the moment it happens and many times there are symptoms of the pregnancy even before you get to realize you missed a period.

Sings and symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, morning sickness and raised body temperature can indicate the fact that you are pregnant. Usually the early pregnancy tests available in drug stores require you use it after you have missed three period days in order to be accurate. However, there is a better early pregnancy test, which can be used even before you are expecting your period.

First Response is the early pregnancy test that can be used up to five days before your missed period and it is 99 per cent accurate in detecting hormone levels that indicate the presence of a pregnancy.

Where to Get a First Response Early Pregnancy Test Kit

The First Response early pregnancy kit can be found in all drug stores and can be purchased without a doctor's prescription. They can be used in the comfort of your home when and as desired. If you shop online for First Response early pregnancy test kits you will find many bargains and bonus kits in the process. Most First Response early pregnancy test kits contain at least couple of kits to allow you to check on different days in order to be sure of the pregnancy.


Most couples want to know as soon as possible about an existing pregnancy whether you planned it or not. Becoming a parent is a life changing experience, which most of us dream to experience one day in our lives. It also entails a lot of responsibility and finding out about the pregnancy is where it all begins.