How to Recognize the Early Signs of Pregnancy

The most common early pregnancy symptoms are easily recognized. The most recognized, thanks to Hollywood, is morning sickness. Movies have made morning sickness as synonymous with pregnancy and the word baby. Yet, in reality, there are really many different early pregnancy symptoms that will help an expectant mom recognize her condition.

The Most Recognizable Early Symptom of Pregnancy

In addition to morning sickness, a woman who has missed her monthly cycle should be aware of the possibility that she is pregnant. It is best to monitor her cycle to see if it is just a few days late (which would indicate her not being pregnant) or if it is in fact delayed for over two weeks. If her monthly cycle does not resume after a two-week delay, it could be an early symptom of pregnancy indicates that she is pregnant. Of course, there are other factors that may be at work here, such as stress or excessive weight gain or loss, so a visit to a medical professional would be in order.

Other Recognizable Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Another early symptom of pregnancy is tender or swollen breast. This generally occurs about one to two weeks after conception and is a sign to recognize if other early pregnancy symptoms are also occurring. However, it could be due to the birth control pill, impending menstruation or a hormonal imbalance, so watch it closely but don't be alarmed immediately. A woman that is feeling exhausted and extremely tired could be experiencing an early sign of pregnancy. In the initial phase of pregnancy or first trimester, the baby is developing at a rapid rate and as the baby develops, the mother's energy is depleted at a rapid rate. Resting often will take care of this fatigue, which should only last for the first six weeks after conception. Some women experience powerful food cravings when they become pregnant. As an early sign of pregnancy, this sign can begin in the beginning of the pregnancy and continue throughout the entire nine months. Often times, the cravings change immensely from craving sweets with an aversion to sour tastes and then switching to the exact opposite.

There are many early symptoms of pregnancy that can alert an expectant female to the fact that her body has become the home for another living being. It is important to understand and recognize exactly what signs indicate pregnancy and to respond immediately if the pregnancy is real. The developing embryo needs special care, nutrition from its mother from the moment it is conceived and the earlier she can begin providing that care the better.