This Is My Pregnancy

So this is your first pregnancy and everyone you know, including the corner grocer and your dry cleaner, has offered advise on how "they did it in their day." So you haven't had the heart to tell them that things are a bit different today, that this is your pregnancy, and you intend to experience and celebrate it in a manner that is uniquely you. In today's world, it is hard to find something that hasn't already been done before, but is a new website that publishes photos of expecting mother's "baby bumps". The catch phrase for PlanetBump is the celebration of change. They believe it is time to throw out the long flowing maternity moo moos and tent dresses along with the polyester pregnancy stretch pants and celebrate the bare belly. If you got it, Flaunt it, is what they are all about.

A Pregnancy Photo Says A Thousand Words

PlanetBump has taken a subtle photographic art form and turned it into a celebration gallery on their website. In recent years, it has become much more common for expectant mothers to have professional photographers capture and preserve their baby bellys' on film. Pregnancy photography became a very popular memento; both in the professional photo format and in candid home shots. PlanetBump has taken that tradition a step further and provides a colorful gallery filled with client submitted photos showing off their baby bumps for everyone to see. The pictures are heartwarming, tender and even a bit painful (anyone that has been pregnant will know immediately which photos I mean!) PlanetBump is promoting the pride of the pregnant belly; insisting that it is not meant to be hidden but rather celebrated for the tiny life that is encased within it's Mother's belly.

The New Rage is to Sculpt Your Pregnancy

Another fascinating and creative memento of pregnancy that PlanetBump advertises and teaches online is the sculptured belly cast. This cast, once made, is a three-dimensional form of the mother's baby belly, allowing her pregnancy to remain as a tangible memento long after baby has arrived. It is possible to order professional casts from many different companies online, however, PlanetBump provides a step-by-step guide on how to make your own "Baby Bump". The supplies are relatively easy to locate and not too difficult to work with. I know of couples that have done this and say it is really quite easy and makes an excellent keepsake, not to mention a great conversation piece. It is important that Mom be able to sit in one position for 20 minutes in order to make the mold. For Dad, the process demands attention once you begin as the medium can dry out quickly, so be prepared to sculpt once you start the process. The cast itself will take about 48 hours to dry and harden so leave it is a safe place during that time. While the idea may sound intimidating, don't let it scare you or your partner. It is a fun arts & crafts idea that will help preserve the memory of this pregnancy and the love you have for one another and this little life you are bringing in to this world.