What Is Podcasting? A New Trend In On Demand Audio Content That Is Catching On Fast

Podcasting is the new trend that is taking everyone by storm and it is also one that is constantly evolving as well as improving and the best way of considering what is podcasting is to think of it as being the combination of two words that are iPod and broadcasting. Over the years, there has been increased amount of audio as also video supplies, and the persons credited with podcasting are Adam Curry as too Dave Winer.

Adam Curry And Dave Winer

The first person to be involved with podcasting was Adam Curry who made a program known as iPodder that allowed for the downloading of Internet radio broadcasts to an iPod in an automatic manner. The other party involved in podcasting was Dave Winer who was instrumental in promoting RSS or Really Simple Syndication.

Thus, to answer the question about what is podcasting, you can safely assume that it is a means whereby you don't need an iPod to record or listen to podcasts, and a person with a home computer or an MP3 player is able to receive and listen to podcasts. Essentially, the description of what is podcasting relates to audio files that can be made on a PC and which can then be uploaded via the Internet so that other people can also listen to them.

All that is needed for podcasting is a PC and microphone as well as programs that allow for voice editing, and contrary to perceptions, what is podcasting also does not require any distinction being made as to who can make podcasts. It means that anyone and everyone can do so providing they have the necessary equipment and know-how, and podcasting is ideal for anyone wishing to say something.

So, whether you have some routine that you wish to share with others, or you are in business and looking to increase your sales, podcasting is an excellent way of improving your interaction with others. The bottom line with answering the question as to what is podcasting is that it is very simple and also uncomplicated in the beginning, though things can get complicated as you get more into it.

In this new on demand world that we are currently living in, the way that you are now delivering audio content to things such as iPods and even different kinds of media players on demand has surely proved to be very beneficial to many listeners who are now able to synchronize content to their media players and listen whenever and wherever they wish to do so. Suffice to say, that the answer to what is podcasting is that is the new rage for Internet audio as it lets users save their content in digital form and then replay it at their own convenience.