Some Useful Tips From The Video Podcasting Experts Can Make Your Podcasts Famous

With so many corporate video podcasts of inferior quality being shoved down our throats, it is time to get to the bottom of how to avoid such traps, and the best way would be to find video podcasting experts to guide you towards the desirable elements of video podcasting while at the same time learning to avoid the undesirable elements. Perhaps, there is no better person that you could turn to than the excellent video podcasting expert who is none other Leesa Barnes who has a couple of podcasts of her own known as Divepreneurs at Work as well as Online Media Success, and who has been podcasting for a couple of years already.

Leesa Barnes

Leesa Barnes has years of experience and is a video podcasting expert who has helped many a business from different parts of the world, and has even had a hand with podcasts such as Agoracom and Outstanding Women Speakers Inc. So, if you need help from video podcasting experts, then Barnes is the best person and she will teach you the basics and some more as well.

First off, this excellent video podcasting expert informs you to not try and be a one-hit wonder, and it means not simply aiming to have a single episode of a podcast and expect fame overnight - for it requires to build up an audience over an extended period of time and so you should plan to have your episodes run for six months at the very least.

Next, Barnes the excellent video podcasting expert informs you not to forget budgeting for your video and this is especially important given the fact that video podcast creation is more expensive than audio podcasts. You need to budget for your actors, scriptwriter, lighting as well as for professional videographer.

It also means not settling for two-person chats despite its common usage because it is actually very boring whereas the aim for good video podcasting is to have something more entertaining. It is better not to create a video podcast than settle for a boring one and that is a tip straight from the video podcasting experts. In addition, you also need to choose the correct topic as well as style and so you should podcast on something that is your core area since that will ensure that you survive over the long term rather than burn out in a short while.

Finally, according to the video podcasting experts, you would be better off not using your in-house 'expert' to create your podcast since he/she may know about the technology, but may lack in conveying the message, and so you need to hire an expert instead who can put a proper shape to your efforts.