Understand Pros And Con Of Podcasting Before Deciding

Like all new emerging and evolving technology there are those who see the benefits and embrace it as the wave of the future and others whose it as an interruption to their paradigm and reject it out of hand. There are many pros and cons of podcasting being espoused by both sides of the technology, but either way it is viewed, podcasting is most likely here to stay. Before taking a stand on the technology, people should consider the pros and cons of podcasting to see how it can benefit or detract from their lives.

One of the most commonly used argument for podcasting is the ability to bring others into a discussion from a remote location cheaply and easily. Many schools, after discussing the pros and cons of podcasting have chosen to use the technology to bring outside experts into the classroom. The professional can record their lecture and make it available to many schools or other educational institutions to be used at their discretion. This use can provide additional resources with little or no cost to the school as well as to the expert.

Those opposed to using podcasting in schools claim it removes the student-teacher interaction. While this may be a valid point among the pros and cons of podcasting, having more information available from which students can learn is considered more of a benefit than the distraction. Having different views from different sources available has always been seen as a plus in education.

Losing Sight Of Interpersonal Relationships

It is not uncommon for large companies to use videotaped meetings and broadcast videos to reach more people with the same message. Some of the same pros and cons of podcasting are the ones used against big business who use broadcast technology in their business relations. The claims against claim it takes away the person experience of the business leader having personal contact with those to whom they address. On the plus side, the leader can be, through the broadcast, be in more places at the same time and directly address more of the company's employees.

Some see the pros and cons of podcasting as being negative when the sole communication effort is through the podcast. However, many supporters of the technology realize it has to be part of the communication effort and not the only means of communicating. When used in conjunction with other methods, it can be a positive hybrid communications tool.