Learning About Podcasting Using Windows Servers

Podcasting is the term used to define the delivering of audio content to iPods and other portable media players on demand. Podcasting is incredibly popular in the world today and one of the main benefits of it is that listeners are able to sync content to their media player and then take it with them wherever they want to go and listen to it anytime they want.

How to Start Podcasting

You can begin podcasting yourself in a few easy steps, and first, you want to know that publishers create audio content and post it to a web server typically in an MP3 format, and they publish it in an RSS file that contains RSS news items that reference the particular audio content. Remember that each separate RSS item provides different meta information regarding an audio file and this includes for instance the particular file's name and description.

There are end-users who will regularly check for new, updated versions of the newsfeed, using an application like iPodder. Whenever a new version is found the iPodder will read through it and identify the audio file URLs. It will then download them and sync them to a media player. Then as a listener you are able to listen to the podcasted audio file and listen to it whenever you want to.

The Benefits

There are a number of different benefits that podcasting offers, and for one it lets users save their content diligently, and does not take up any more room than is absolutely necessary. This makes it convenient for users because they are then able to save even more files and listen to even more of their favorite music.

Especially for people who travel around a lot and like to bring their music with them to enjoy, podcasting offers great benefits and it can be used for the publishing of any type of audio, and some developers out there are also actually exploring the idea of using the same techniques that are used in this podcasting for publishing video and other types of content.

There are many wonderful examples of how advanced technology is in the world today, but podcasting most definitely is at the very top of the list. It is also spreading incredibly quickly because of the rapid adoption of MP3 players worldwide and the desire of owners to constantly have new and fresh content. If you have never heard of podcasting before then you definitely want to get yourself more involved with it.