Podcasting RSS Feed Generator: Suits Those With Websites Without RSS

Though you may have a number of doubts as well as may be feeling apprehensive about podcasts, this is not something that you will have to live with, because there are ways and means that can be used to convert podcast casts or audio files into RSS feeds with the help of what is known as a podcasting RSS feed generator. Such a podcasting RSS feed generator can convert MP3 into RSS and it can even be made to work with iTunes Feeds.

All that you may be required in the simplest case would be to just fill out a form which asks for certain information such as a title, link to podcast list, description, copyright, and language and more. Thus, you need to tell the podcasting RSS feed generator what the title of your podcast going to be called, and the address of the URL where you list your podcasts on the site. This is followed by entering a description of your podcast and then you will need to also input the copyright notice and the preferred language of your podcast.

There is other information that you will have to give before your podcasting RSS feed generator can perform the appropriate action and that includes specifying the location(s) of your MP3 file(s) and specifying whether you want the podcast to be iTunes enabled, and if so, you will need to enter the name of the author of the song and the URL as well.

Fedafi Is A Handy Choice

There are many podcasting RSS feed generators available on the market, and if you happen to be the owner of a website that does not have RSS, you could use one such as Fedafi podcasting RSS feed generator that will create RSS feeds for your website and which also manages and even markets the feed for you.

Some of the features of the Fedafi podcasting RSS feed generator are that it helps create unlimited feeds and its styled feeds can also be viewed on the web, and you can even get feeds that are protected by passwords. In addition, Fedafi also allows you to add as many articles as you wish, and even add limitless podcasts, MP3, M4A, MP4 and other formats. You also get the option of choosing which articles to publicize and it even tracks things such as overall hits on your feed, tracks unique hits on your feed and tracks by user agent as well. All you need for your podcasting RSS feed generator (Fedafi) is a website on Linux web server with Apache, PHP 4.3 or more and MySQL 4.0 and above.