Some Handy Podcasting Resources That Will Help You With Your Podcasting Needs

Among the podcasting resources that come to mind, you could include Podcasting Wiki, Podcast Alley, the Podcast Directory, and podcast aggregators such as iPodder, Doppler, and even podcasting software like FeedForAll and AudioBlogger. If you want to learn more about podcasting such as what it is and how to go about creating podcasts, you may want to check out Podcasting Wiki that has all the required information.

Podcast Alley

If, on the other hand, you are looking for podcasting resources that pertain to the best podcasts, you may want to try out Podcast Alley where you can, if you are pressed for time, listen to the best podcasts, and where you can also learn about finding which the best podcasts on the planet are. PodFinder UK has the entire lowdown that you may require and which will let you in on all the things that you have thus far been missing out on.

If you love hard rock and also heavy metal, you could try out another podcasting resource in the form of The Scene Zine whose host Marcus Couch will clue you in to some of the best music anywhere on the planet. What you will especially like about Podcast Alley is that it is the most liked podcasting resource for lovers of podcasts and there is even a forum and blog for those who want to communicate with likeminded podcasters and podcast lovers.

For those who are in need of some nifty tools to download their podcasts, look to another podcasting resource that is called Indiepodder where there is plenty of useful information about everything podcast, and there is also Doppler that is Vista compatible and also available in a number of foreign languages such as Dutch as well as Swedish and which is sure to provide improvement in performance as well.

You could also be interested in finding software and similar podcasting resources that will help you edit, create and also manage your RSS feeds and podcasts, and in this regard, you will need to check out FeedForAll, which also boasts of advanced features that will help you create more professional RSS feeds and in a shorter time as well. In addition, FeedForAll also lets you create, edit and publish RSS feeds, podcasts and even iTunes, and there is also a special package for Mac users.

With these podcasting resources, you should be able to create and manage as well as publish your podcasts in the most efficient manner and they are thus well worth checking out.