A Guide to Podcasting Music

Although podcasting is a new and innovative technology that can be used for a variety of means, there are a few in particular that are especially popular, and podcasting music is one of the most popular by far.

About Podcasting

There are few people in the world today that have not heard of podcasting before. You can basically think of a podcast as a radio show, as each different show consists of a series of individual episodes that you can take and listen to however and whenever you want, using your PC, MP3 player, or even just with a Web browser.

As soon as you step in and enter the world of podcasting, you are really in for a treat and can find sports, comedy, movies, food, politics, music, and much more, and the best part is that you can listen to it whenever and wherever you want, therefore making it extremely enjoyable and convenient for you.

Because podcasting is now such a vibrant and popular technology, if you are interested in podcasting music or anything else you have a lot of options, and all you really have to do is use a search engine on the Internet to find a site that you can go to retrieve the podcasts that you are interested in.

Magnatune is one option in particular that you can use for podcasting music, and it is actually recognized as being one of the only record labels in the world whose music you are able to legally use in your non-commercial podcast without having to worry about getting in trouble for copyright infringement. They actually specifically grant non-commercial podcasters a waiver to use their music without having to pay any fee to a royalty collection agency, and it is because they work directly with artists that they are able to do this.

Getting Started

When it comes to podcasting music, to get started you first want to know that there are several different genres of music that you can consider when you are selecting music for your podcast. Jazz, blues, rock and roll, country western, pop, rap, and techno are the most popular, but there is an array of other options as well. Also remember that there are several different instrument families that you can use in your pocket branding, including strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion.

Podcasting is a very impressive technology, one that is sure to only get brighter and more resourceful and useful in the years to come.