Podcasting Made Easy: As Easy As Learning The Alphabet

There is not much that is difficult to learn when it comes to podcasting and it can be very simply accomplished provided you follow the right steps, which should see you becoming adept at this activity and thus be in a position to even earn from it. The steps that will ensure that podcasting is made easy include drawing up content, creating your audio show, saving the file in MP3 format, publishing the podcast, creating podcast feed and finally, publishing the news feed to your server.

Choose Your Content

First off, you need to choose from a whole slew of topics that can be the subject of your intended podcast, and since there is no hard and fast rule as to what your content should be all about, you need to let your creativity dictate what to include in the podcast. You can use your PC or even a Mac as platform for your podcast, though the important thing as far as podcasting made easy goes is to finish the podcast.

Second off, you need to save your audio show and though it is possible to record in any format, you may want to save it in a format that allows you to edit and make changes to your show any time you want to. There is just a little more to podcasting made easy and that is to remember and save the file to MP3 format, and this is a widely used format that will also suit most podcasts as well. In addition, you should also have the ability to change the format because not everyone may have the equipment to use each and every type of format, and having a format that is universal will ensure that everybody gets to be able to listen to the podcast.

Another important step in podcasting made easy is to remember and publish the podcast in your site as well as in a number of directories and to also make you a podcast feed which are nothing more than RSS files that would describe the podcast. Finally, you need to publish the news feed to the server and ensure through validation that it has been prepared for publishing in the World Wide Web.

As you can see, podcasting made easy allows you, by using a few simple steps, to get your podcast ready and available to be heard by many people, and all that you need to do is to follow a few simple steps, and perhaps even is able to make some money from your podcasting activities.