A Detailed Podcasting Introduction

Most people have heard about podcasting before, but if you have not, then a podcasting introduction is exactly what you need. Basically podcasting is a term that combines the words "iPod" and "broadcast". However you must realize that this does not mean that you need an iPod in order to podcast, because this is not true. All you do need is some audio-playing software on your computer and then of course a device that will allow you to hear it, such as speakers or a microphone.

Podcasting is a specific type of online media delivery, which allows you to download files via a feed, onto your computer and MP3 player. These files do not have to be music, and can also consist of news programs, interviews, discussions, talk shows, and so on. The list is almost endless and the convenience that podcasting offers is really incredible.

The Popularity

The popularity of podcasting is incredulous, especially considering that it has only been around for a rather short period of time. One of the most major reasons that podcasting is so popular is because in effect, it allows you to create your own personalized radio station. You are able to listen to your favorites wherever and whenever you want to, with the ease and convenience that you are looking for.

If you want to listen to individual shows for example, then all you would need to do is download them from the site of your choice. Also remember that there is a huge amount of websites available today that actually offer their own podcasts and so all you really have to do then is find out what one you like and it is always best to begin here by taking a look at podcatching software, as this will make it even easier for you which is important especially if you are just learning about podcasting.

Podcasting is an incredibly dynamic, yet simple technology, one that has an array of uses and is actually recognized as being one of the most influential and resourceful technologies of the past century. There are really so many different benefits to podcasting and namely it is an instant product so once you have a podcast you instantly have a product to sell. It can never be accused of being spam and will not be painful for the prospects' eyes, and it increases your back links, as if you are notorious for making use of podcasts then you will generate many more link backs from podcasting sites.