Podcasting in education: expressing knowledge in a creative manner

To express knowledge through a creative means is what podcasting in education is all about and thus it is not surprising to learn that this is the preferred means of getting educated as far as most students are concerned today, and this can be attributed to the fact that podcasting in education is a new as well as exciting way whereby both educators and the students are able to explore and also discover new content pertaining to education. With a podcast, content in the form of video or audio files are automatically delivered through networks and which is then played back on a PC.

Educates Students In A Manner Other Than Traditional Assignment Based Education

Students that create podcasts for their class are able to creatively make content while at the same time utilizing the latest technology, and podcasting in education makes it possible for educators to go beyond the traditional assignment based education to also include things such as voice recordings, movies, photos as well as sound effects thereby sharing knowledge in a new and unique way.

It is now possible, thanks to podcasting in education, for students to draft as well as perform scripts in the form of writing assignments and to also create visual reports on the progress that they are making on their projects in hand while it is even possible to make science presentations through recorded versions through podcasts.

In fact, with podcasting in education, educators can now bring their content to the students in a much more effective manner and they can distribute assignments for students' homework, and do a number of other tasks so that students get the best out of their learning process. Thus, both administrators and also educators have found that podcasting in education is a great tool that allows for professional development and it also enables for better communication between them and parents about various activities including for the classroom and also other announcements with regard to the school.

With iLife '08, every Mac now has this great digital authoring application and with iWeb, students can get the most out of podcasting in education by submitting their podcasts to the iTunes stores and it also allows schools to host as well as distribute their own podcasts thanks to Apple Podcasting Server.

Today, podcasting in education has made it possible for students to listen to stories or even get tips on writing essays in a more effective manner, and so it is easy to see how this new form of education is improving the learning experience, and even teachers are always looking of educational podcasts that could be of help for the curriculum that they themselves are teaching.