Podcasting Grants For The Classroom

Ten podcasting grants are currently being offered to teachers through an association between Olympus and the Tool Factory, an educational software developer. This podcasting grant competition will result in the award of equipment and software, valued at $3000, during the year. Creativity, relevance to curriculum and student involvement as well as how podcasting will be implemented in the classroom are all considerations for the competition. There are three judging periods during the year in the months of June 2007, December 2007 and April 2008.

The podcasting grant for each winner consists of three Olympus digital voice recorders, three headsets and three microphones. Also included are site licenses, one each, for Tool Factory podcasting software, Clip Art Station software, Worksheet Station software and Web Page Station software. Both a book and CD version of the Tool Factory's "Simple Guide to Podcasting" are also part of the podcasting grant prize.

Application Requirements

The judges for this podcasting grant are looking for creative and fun projects. They recommend involving the entire classroom in the planning process. Podcasting projects that include either the entire class as a group or that allow each student to have the opportunity to create their own individual project are encouraged. One of the basic requirements of this podcasting grant competition is a high degree of student involvement. Effective use of all of the podcasting grant resources as well as the integration of podcasting projects into the curriculum will also affect the judges' decisions. Above all, the judges will want to see a project in which they would enjoy participating.

If you are a teacher and have never tried podcasting before go to the Tool Factory website to take an informative five minute tour about podcasting. You can download a thirty-day trial version of their podcasting software to aid in the development of your classroom project plan for the podcasting grant contest. Just remember that the most unique, original and creative lesson plans could make your class a recipient of this valuable podcasting grant.

Find Other Opportunities

Even if podcasting isn't your cup of tea, the Tool Factory and Olympus have teamed up for other grants and contests for the classroom. The student photo contest boasts prize packages consisting of a camera, photo software and instructional references. Three of these prizes will be awarded for the best photographs and two prizes will go to the winners of the art division awarded for the best photo manipulations.

These are just some of the grants and contests available for teachers and their students. Look around and you will surely find a project that will not only enhance your educational endeavors but also award your classroom or students some much needed equipment and software.