Podcasting Freeware Opens Syndication Door To Everyone

Starting your own all talk radio station is not as hard as you may think and with the use of podcasting freeware, may be done with little investment. When developing a podcast, the essentials are probably included with most computers. A microphone and a program that allows you to record your audio message is all that is needed to create a podcast. However, to post it on the internet and make it available for others to receive it will require special software, and different ones are available as podcasting freeware.

Once you have downloaded the podcasting freeware to develop RSS feeds, you can put out notice that it is available and others can quickly find and download your podcast. Many types of software also allow for streaming files, which eliminates the need for the listener to download a file before they listen to what you have to say. The podcast begins to play while the remainder of the file continues to be downloaded, hence the term streaming.

This technology is already in use for a variety of commercial purposes such as listening to online music or watching online videos. With podcasting freeware a person can send their message with an RSS feed to the internet and their message can be available to a variety of users regardless of the type of player they use.

Listeners Must Have Right Capabilities

While most files are uploaded in MP3 or WMA format, others may be available with podcasting freeware, but they are the most common players in use. Providing a message in more restricted formats will limit the number of people who have access to the files. RSS is the term used to describe what is commonly referred to as real simple syndication and files can be uploaded to an RSS distribution service where it can be found using a simple search or through direct access of a known address.

In most cases podcasting freeware is not limited to developing and uploading podcasts. Many companies also offer the technology to listen to podcasting as freeware by a simple download from their internet site. Usually, podcasting freeware is distributed without charge however registration is frequently required. New users may also be required to accept information from the provider in exchange for downloading the product.

When first starting to experiment with podcasting before buying a lot of software and hardware, try out some of the podcasting freeware available to see if it will perform as needed. Finding one that does the job can make podcasting an inexpensive practice to begin.