Podcasting For Business Opens Another Communication Avenue

One of the newest methods businesses have available for sending out their messages is through podcasting. The information can be sent to employees or to specific customers who has agreed to receive the information. Podcasting for business can also be information made available to recipients without it being automatically delivered to their device. This practice is much more friendly to customers as they can view the message at their convenience, if they choose to receive it at all

In its most basic form, podcasting for business can be used to send information to employees by way of their cell phones or handheld devices. The podcast is uploaded to a server or distribution service where it can automatically to broadcast to all intended recipients at the same time. This inures all employees get the same message at nearly the same time. The receiving devices can be used to view the message at the recipients' convenience and with the right software and structure a confirmation message can be transmitted back to allow the sender to know the information has been received.

Other uses for podcasting for business include sending information to customers through wireless devices or by sending an email to them giving them the address at which information about products and services are available through podcasting.

Respecting Privacy In Podcasting

When using podcasting for business for communications with customers, businesses have to make sure the customer is willing to receive the information. If sent out to customers' wireless services such as cell phones or other handheld devices, they should have the agreement on file to protect the business from charges of spamming. Send an email to direct them to a podcasting site is usually recommended when podcasting for business.

Podcasts are usually sent through an RSS feed, the most common definition is real simple syndication, and can be treated as a commercial message. Some special interests groups are using podcasting for business to send out their message to individuals interested in the same promotional theories. Environmentalists, religious concerns and others are using podcasting to get their message out to others in a larger geographical area.

Some individuals have developed podcasts of interest to a wide audience and have turned a hobby into a means of podcasting for business by adding in commercial messages to the podcast. By charging for the included messages, the podcaster is working as a business, using the income to pay the expenses of the podcast production.