Looking at Music Podcasting

Music podcasting is everywhere. It on AOL's website; it is on MTV's website; it is on a variety of amateur websites such as You Tube. In short, music podcasting is everywhere and this should come as no surprise as music is essentially the backbone of most cultures and this is why music has permeated through civilizations since the dawn of time. Considering that people love music and love to listen to it on demand, it is no surprise that in out internet driven information world has openly embraced music podcasting in order to facilitate the public's demand for their tunes.

An Information and Entertainment Overlap

Remember the good old days of transistor radios and 8 track tape players? Ok, transistor radios had an oddball charm to them and they did pick up signals loud and clear, but the 8 track tape player was an absolutely awful piece of technology. So, when radically new innovations such as compact disk players showed up on the consumer electronics scene it was no surprise that that the purchasing public made a mad rush to the check out lines to pick up their new CD players.

Of course, when the development of personal computers slowly made their way into people's homes (The word slowly is used here because back in 1984, the old Commodore 64 didn't exactly set the world on fire) some people in the computer and technology business that that expanding the use of the internet may be a good idea and, oh my, the public did go crazy for computers. Since computers are multimedia devices, it is no surprise that its information capabilities would be expanded to include entertainment options. This is where music podcasting emerged and has become wildly popular as a result.


Keep in mind, there are millions of people who are always near a computer and this means they will have access to music podcasting. Instead of having to purchase CDs or cassettes, all one has to do is stream or download the song or video one wishes to listen to. Needless to say, this reduces a significant amount of the costs associated with having to listen to music and that will make music podcasting increasing more popular than it already is. (Also, it acts as a low cost way of promoting complete albums so its "freebie" nature will not completely undermine the music business) Yes, music podcasting is that easy to access and this is why it is so popular and will remain so for many years to come.