A Guide to Educational Podcasting

Podcasting is something that most people have heard of at this point, but if you have not then it is important that you do. Podcasting is basically the latest in on-the-go, on-demand technology, and with this podcasting technology you are able to do a number of things, in particular listen to radio programs or events whenever and wherever you choose.

Based on the iPod concept, the difference is that with podcasting you are able to immediately retrieve and receive data from around the world, such as your favorite news program on CNN or another podcasting user's updated music files.

Educational Podcasting

There are a ton of different uses for podcasting, but educational podcasting is by far one of the most popular. Podcasting offers educators and students alike remarkable opportunities, including the fact that they can have their voices heard in their local communities or around the world, an option that was certainly never as easy as it is now with this new podcasting technology.

As well in terms of educational podcasting, it really offers an ideal and resourceful tool for the creative expression of knowledge that is preferred by today's students, and is considered as being a new and great way to inspire learning. Podcasting provides an innovative and exciting way for students and educators alike to explore and discover educational content, and these podcasts, which are audio or video files that are automatically delivered over a network and then played back on any Mac, PC, or iPod, are great for students around the world to keep up on their learning.

Educational podcasting is wonderful because this technology allows educators to take their students to places they have never been before, far beyond traditional assignments, by allowing them to include voice recordings, photos, movies, and more to share their knowledge. One example in particular would be if a student drafted and performed a script as a writing assignment, or submitted a recorded version of a science presentation for instance.

Educational podcasting is perhaps one of the most important and valid aspects of the podcasting technology of all, and there are already thousands of educational podcasts that are available in the world today. The iTunes Store includes over 10,000 podcasts that are specific for education and the podcasts are available for most subject areas and grade levels. You can find podcasts that are specifically for professional development, and students and educators are able to use iTunes on their Mac or PC to search, subscribe and listen to the podcasts.