What is Podcasting?

We see them all the time and they are called jargon. In other words, they areā€¦other words. In particular, they are words that derive from a particular industry that is used to describe things that come from the trade. In the world of computers and the internet, the word "podcasting" has emerged to describe a particular way of deliver audio and video in a cheap and effective manner.

Of course, as anyone who has even a passing interest in computer information technology or even the fusion of computers, the internet and the entertainment industry has probably heard the term podcasting repeatedly. This reason for this is that this form of information delivery has been developed in a cheap and effective manner and is accessible to all. Of course, there are those who are still somewhat confused over that the term podcasting actually refers to and this is why a clear and concise definition is required so as to eliminate any confusion that exists on the subject.

The Definition

On a base line level, a podcast refers to a digital audio and video media file that is facilitated on the internet and can be played on a media player on the computer or on a portable media player. When a signal is broadcast in this manner it is referred to as a podcast or podcasting. These words derive from a hybrid of the words broadcasting an iPod. The Apple iPod, of course, was the originator and the innovator of the concept of the portable media player.

The way in which the podcast makes its way to the iPod or the personal computer is by downloading or streaming the file from a website that offers the file. In terms of the iPod, the numbers of files that can be downloaded are so voluminous that it essentially destroyed forever the various cassette and CD walkmans that had previously been popular on the marketplace for many, many years.

Ultimately, you can never hold back the forward momentum of progress and why should you? Progress often delivers a great variety of benefits and the audio and video revolution that has been put forth by podcasting devices has further established this fact. So, if you enjoy listening to music, the news, etc then a solid podcasting device such as an iPod is definitely something that you should look into. The prices are fair and the devices are available in any consumer stores so go check them out!