Decorating with Artificial Plants

People love it use plants to decorate their houses. Plants give a home a feeling of life and they also add a splash of color if it is a flowering plant. The only problem with real plants is that they need constant and regular care. You have to make sure they get enough water or moisture to make them grow effectively. Real plants also need regular exposure to sunlight for them to make food for themselves through the process of photosynthesis. Some plants may also need trimming or cutting or pruning to maintain their shape and form.

Using Artificial Plants

Some people have resorted to using artificial plants to decorate their house. They often claim that there are definite advantages to using artificial plants instead of real ones. The artificial ones are practically left on their own and do not need the daily care that real plants need to exist. You just need to dust them a little or rearrange them a bit and they are as good as new.

Artificial plants now come in all shapes and sizes. There are small tropical trees which can be put in a home or bigger trees for a hotel lobby or the inside of a shopping mall. Real trees are very difficult to maintain inside a building because they need sunlight to grow. Even if you can water them every day, how do you provide sunlight for them to grow healthily? Fluorescent and incandescent lights can be provided for their growth but the question would then be, are the provided light right for such locations like a hotel lobby or mall. To make the long story short, artificial plants can provide the beauty of real trees without the constant care and attention real trees need.

Placing artificial plants inside the home is a wonderful thing. You can change their position and their location with minimum fuss and less time than real plants. They also come in full bloom or in buds for artificial plants which are flowering and with small fruits or berries attached for smaller topiaries. You also get to choose their color shape and size and they stay that way all year round.

The Choice is Yours

Some people argue that real plants can not be replaced by artificial plants because real plants are living things that keep us company while we are alone. We can talk to real plants without feeling silly compared to talking to artificial plants. Real plants also offer diversity when they bloom and change color or grow. The choice between artificial and real plants is a matter of preference and convenience.