One Photography Technique Away From a Better Picture

Any one can take a picture, but with the proper photography technique, that picture could be a work of art. What begins as a hobby may blossom into a promising career. Whether you have a point and shoot, a 35mm or a digital camera, you need to become familiar with it, and learn how to use it.

Simple Photography Technique for Beginners

Good pictures take practice. Beginners need to experiment with different f-stops and shutter speed combinations. What camera you have is not as important as how you use it.

Beginners should learn to practice the "rule of thirds". Basically, this photography technique is based on the theory that the human eye naturally travels to a point about two-thirds of the way up the page. Also, dividing a photograph into thirds allows you to achieve an informal balance.

Informal or asymmetrical balance is usually more pleasing to the eye than a balanced picture. This is a photography technique that places the main subject of the photograph off-center, and balancing it with smaller, or lower impact objects.

Framing is also important. A frame is an object in the foreground that leads the viewer into the picture, or gives a sense of location. The frame should not be too sharply focused, so to prevent distraction.

Advanced Photography Technique

Once you are comfortable with your camera, it is time to try a more advanced photography technique. This may include taking a photograph at an unusual angle, such as 45 degrees. You may also try kneeling or lying on the ground to snap a more interesting shot.

Also try looking for interesting reflections and shadows. Reflections and shadows can provide contrast and depth to otherwise flat photographs.

Proper exposure time becomes an important photography technique as your experience grows. Light meters help to determine exposure time. Manual metering should be used when photographing clouds, sunrises, sunsets and snow scenes. A hand held meter may provide better results, but the one on your camera is also acceptable.

Digital Photography Technique

Macro-photography is a photography technique that anyone can learn using a digital camera. It involves taking extreme close-ups of familiar objects, making them appear unusual and abstract in an artistic way. Lighting and exposure techniques are still important, but a digital camera allows the photographer to review the results and make adjustments as they go. Pictures that are not quite right can be deleted and taken over immediately.