Why Opt for a Photography Studio?

A lot of people turn to studio photography for a lot of their photo needs primarily because a trusted and reputable photography studio can give clients exactly what they want. A proper studio is equipped with the necessary equipment needed to consistently take high quality pictures such as controlled lighting, background and set-up. However, despite the complete photography equipment that one may find in a photography studio, it must also be staffed by competent, creative and professional photographers to get wonderful results time and again.

Since a fully equipped photography studio is probably the most controlled environment where photographers may take pictures in, dull and lifeless pictures as a result of unbalanced lighting and exposure only signifies that the photographer probably committed a mistake in taking or developing the photographs. This makes photography studios a high-pressure environment that entails the photographer's careful eye for contrast, balance, detail and originality.

Photography Studio Lighting

A photography studio is equipped with sufficient lights that can be easily manipulated by the photographers for balanced and well-expose shots all the time. Photography studios typically contain either floor-based or ceiling-based lights to provide lighting to their clients or subjects. Floor-based studios make use of lightweight yet durable light stands to support the lights, which offer more flexibility because the same stands are portable and can be easily folded and transported to various locations. However, the same light stands are also quite susceptible to being knocked over and also to toppling over.

Ceiling-based studios, on the other hand, have lights that are mounted on rollers attached to the ceiling and a rail system that allows photographers to move and position the lights on a pre-set rectangular area. Although this ceiling lights cost more expensive to install, they can also make the any photography studio more organized and more space efficient to allow more movement in both the photographer and his/her clients. But then again, since the lighting fixtures are mounted on the ceiling, they offer less flexibility and cannot be taken to other locations.

The amount of photography studio lights to be used also depends on the camera being used, yet these days, a lot of the larger, more prestigious studios have floor to ceiling windows or skylights that utilize natural light for more dramatic shots. Aside from these, there are also other kinds of studio lighting systems available such as hot lights for ambient shots, and cold lights or electronic flashes that offer more flash action than those attached to cameras. There are also different equipment used to regulate and control the lighting systems in used depending on the photographer's eye and the added drama that s/he may wish to capture.

Photography Studio Backgrounds

There are also specially made studio backgrounds that come in different sizes and colors that are basically made of seamless paper which are mounted on poles that allow photographers to mound several rolls of seamless background in different hues that can be rolled and unrolled depending on which background to use. Some studios have even motorized their background rolls for added convenience and for a more professional look. Aside from the traditional seamless paper, more studios now use other materials as their backgrounds when taking pictures, which include fabric that can the taped to the wall or come with separate poles for better durability.