The Advantage of Having Your Own Photography Lab

A photography lab or dark room, as it is commonly known is basically the place where you process the roll of film into photographs. This place is called the dark room because it is always dark. It functions only under red lighting, as any other light would interfere with the processing of the roll.


As a professional photographer, you will definitely know about roll processing techniques and may even have your own lab. It is very important that you have your own photography lab when you are in the profession since there are times when you shoot sensitive subjects, the processing of which you would not trust with any one. On the other hand, having a photography lab can be disadvantageous when you find yourself working round the clock - sometimes for shooting the photographs and the rest for developing them.


You will see however, that many professional photographers have their own photography lab and are quite comfortable in printing their own photographs. By doing so, they make sure that the pictures they took come out exactly as they wanted it to come out. It is very easy to learn the processing procedure and the photography lab does not have many major investment requirements.


Often, the photographs are needed in a hurry and commercial photography labs can churn out disasters if they are hurried in their job. If speed is extremely important then you should be able to process your photographs faster than anybody else without compromising on the quality.


When you process your own photographs, you will learn faster about the right angles, composition and other features that have to be taken into consideration when taking a special photograph. Often the fact that you are the one who is developing the photographs would teach you a great deal of what is lacking, such as what can be adjusted to make it look as good as it is natural, and so on.

A professional will never project the image of a loser - he would be in charge of the situation in any circumstances and be able to produce high quality pictures every time, in spite of technical failures, bad camera, and so on. This is one of the most important aspects in life, i.e. self-sufficiency in your profession literally sets you free.