The Challenges of Pet Photography

Photography is a wonderful hobby and/or profession. It is exciting, it is challenging and it is relaxing at the same time. It is a profession, which adds glamour to every occasion. Among all the branches, one that offers the best possible satisfaction and oodles of fun is pet photography.

Pet Photography - How to Do It Right

When you are out to shoot your pet with a camera, you will need to be a master at reading the mind of the pet. Fortunately, you will have the owner briefing you about the temperament of the pet in question and in most cases guiding you regarding its moods and personality.

Besides, the animal itself, you will also need to pay attention to the following critical aspects in pet photography:

1. The angle - being a photographer, you will understand what it means to create the right impact in the end product, i.e. the photograph. That impact comes often from being able to shoot the animals from the right angle, depending on whether they are tall or tiny.

2. The distance - fortunately, how close you can get to the animal is no more a concern because of the telescopic lenses that are available nowadays. However, you should be able to judge how close you should be when you take the picture. Unless the photograph needs to be taken with a certain specific background, a close-up will always make a better photograph than a long shot.

3. The lighting - this is another very crucial aspect because the pet will look differently in different light combinations. As a rule, you should always choose the natural light available. However, there would be times when no shooting would be done without additional light. Ensure you provide the right amount of light if you want some excellent work.

4. The timing - shooting a pet can be very difficult. You will need to wait and wait and wait until it plays, it eats, and it hunts and so on. You will need to catch it in action if you want some excellent photographs. This sometimes may take hours, days and even weeks to get the pet into the right mood for the right photograph.

5. The shots - once you have the pet more or less socialized, you can start shooting both people and pets. You should start from a certain angle and then change the angle often. The shots taken when the animal pets are in action are the best in pet photography. Sometimes the presence of a human in the pet photography enhances its value.