Macro Photography for Beginners

Macro photography is concerned with taking close up pictures of small objects. This can provide an unusual view of an object; sometimes it can even be hard to tell what the object is because it is rarely seen so clearly. A macro lens is essential in the use of macro photography. Using a normal lens can make close up pictures look blurry and disappointing. Macro photography can provide a way to view pictures of small creatures such as insects close enough to see the details and patterns on their skin. Knowledge of photography in general should make the use of macro photography much simpler for an individual. Using macro photography to get 1:1 image sized results of small objects means that the enlargements to the photos can look truly spectacular.

When the lens gets close to the subject and the image gets larger on the film, less light reaches the film. This gives the need for flash in order to gain appropriate illumination of the shot. The depth of field also lessens and camera shake is more obvious in the final outcome. A need for steadiness becomes more important and the use of a tripod is usually advised. A mechanical attachment can also be added to the tripod to allow clean movements of the camera and enabling the final focus to be easily achieved. A timer should then be used so that the camera does not need to be touched and unsettled during the vital picture taking second.

Macro Photography and Digital Cameras

Many digital cameras are now made with macro photography modes, which enable the photographer to take pictures from very close distances. The shots can then be reviewed and adjusted as needed. As digital cameras show the picture immediately, it can be useful for making changes to the lens and distance to achieve the required shot. Digital cameras can make macro photography much easier by allowing the photographer to take extremely close up pictures of small objects.

Using the macro mode can turn a digital camera into a special focus mode, which can allow clear representations to be taken of various items thus providing a different style of photography. It can be harder for the digital camera to focus straight away in this mode and may take time for adjustment. The depth of field increases as the object comes into focus. It can also be possible to add additional lenses to the digital camera in order to take pictures using macro photography.