Digital Wedding Photography to Capture Your Big Day

Today's newlyweds are no longer limited to print photography to chronicle their big day. Certainly print photography is a tradition, but today's brides and grooms can make fun and unique albums with digital wedding photography as well.

Online Albums

Your guests will be dying to see pictures of your wedding, so by using digital wedding photography you can have your photographer post your pictures quickly on your own personal website/online photo album. This also benefits you too, as you won't have to wait for your pictures to be printed to see all the wonderful photographs of your wedding. You can use your digital wedding photography images to create e-cards, thank you notes, and much more.

Unique Print Albums

Creating digital copies of your wedding photographs will also allow either you or your photograph some extra creative leeway in creating unique print albums as well. Using graphic editing software you can create beautiful storybook themed albums, or any other picture book style album. Make a fun picture book with your digital wedding photography and give a copy to everyone in your wedding party as a special thank you gift.


Another added benefit of digital wedding photography is that you can create videos or DVDs of your pictures. This can make a great anniversary gift to your spouse, or just a fun project to do together to be able to watch it and relish your memories. Once you obtain the digital copies of your photographs you can make video whenever you would like, and can easily incorporate your wedding pictures with other digital pictures as you build your library of family photographs.


The best thing about digital wedding photography is that it allows you to create a huge archive of your wedding pictures, one that you wouldn't be able to have if you relied strictly on printed pictures. You can save all the pictures taken at your wedding, even some you may not feel are worthy of printing. Keeping a digital copy of these pictures is much less expensive and space consuming then having them all printed. And who knows you may look back in a few years and decide to make prints of some pictures you hadn't at first glance. Digital wedding photography will help you create an endless memory book, one that you can create new memories from whenever you wish.