Women's Perfume: An Ancient Egyptian Thing Passed On To Greeks And Romans

The Egyptians sure understood the benefits of smelling nice, as it was in ancient Egypt that perfume became a woman's accessory used to make them much more appealing. Famous Egyptians such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti knew and understood what benefits a woman could derive from smelling wonderful. In fact, women's perfume truly extracted a lot of mileage when the fragrances it contained were even copied by other ancient civilizations including the Greeks and Romans.

Use Of Oils That Smelled Of The Scent Of Burnt Wood

Those ancient days saw women's perfumes use oils that smelled just like the scent of burnt wood, most often used in bathing as also for ceremonies of religious nature. Since that time, women have had a love affair with perfume as witnessed by the great popularity that women's perfume enjoys in these modern times. The Europeans had to wait till the twelfth century to get a whiff of women's perfume and Louis XV loved these fragrances enough to take a leaf out of women's perfume and wished for a different scent everyday.

No doubt, women had to use perfumes to cover up their body odor, which was a result of the infrequent bathing habits of that time. In fact, the rise in popularity of perfume during the reign of Louis XV came to be known as the perfumed coat, or le cour parfumme in French. The Americans had to wait for department stores to popularize women's perfume which came about in the early twentieth century and Channel was a leading light in this regard. In fact, Channel can rightly be recognized as the single most popular women's perfume in the world, which has led others to also jump into the fray as witnessed by the wide variety available today.

Women's perfume today is like a Pandora's Box with so many new and unique scents available in beautifully shaped bottles, though prices too have spiraled vertically. With the advent of the Internet, online shops abound that deal with all manner of women's perfumes - often at reasonable prices. You can be sure that women's perfume is something that will see a lot of development for the better and as styles change rapidly, it needs to keep up and not be left behind.

You should choose your women's perfume according to how you feel as a person and also it should nurture your hidden desires and compliment you in a positive manner.