Vera Wang Princess Perfume: Sweet or Overwhelming?

So, you want a special perfume and are willing to pay for it. You may be looking for a perfume that has the lilting fragrance of a mixture of water lilies and lady apples as well as Tahitian flowers and more, and want something that will also make a subtle change in your attitude towards life. Look for the Vera Wang Princess Perfume that has a fragrance of its own that will live up to its name and make you feel like a princess.

Wear it in the Evening and you'll Love It

If you have a sweet disposition, this perfume will suit you as it certainly smells very sweet and is a good perfume to wear in the evenings and late at night. The scent of the Vera Wang Princess Perfume is something that will either instantly endear itself to you, or make you feel that it is too sweet for your liking.

When you do decide to purchase a Vera Wang Princess Perfume, you will immediately be reminded of something sweet such as a flower dipped in cake batter. It will certainly evoke an appetite within you to go out and grab hold of some delicious pastry; such is the effect of its sweet scent.

Vera Wang Princess Perfume is certainly sweet smelling, but it does have sophistication as well, and that is why it has aptly been named 'Princess'. It has more than one note and you will also find a ring of gold as well as crown laced with purple studs close to the spray nozzle, which accentuates the princess-like feeling within a woman. Once you have applied this perfume on your person, who knows what Cinderella story will unfurl for you.

Good Value for Money

You may find the bottling a bit inconvenient as the shape is not all that regular giving you a feeling that it will tip over without much difficulty. The Vera Wang Princess Perfume is value for money, and given its ready availability at stores all across the country, you will not face any difficulty in buying a bottle. The price for a bottle of less than two ounces would set you back approximately $50, but it is money well spent if you are in to fragrances of that sort. So, be prepared for something that is not just ordinary; but worth every penny. Enjoy!