The Scent of Prada Perfume

Prada perfume is a floral mix that is perfect for everyday wear. The fragrance notes are comprised of scents such as orange, patchouli, bergamot, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. This light scent has many individually pleasing fragrances including mandarin flower, mimosa India, balsam and Tonka beam. This blend is suitable for almost anyone and the subtlety of the fragrance makes it perfect for any daytime activity.

The light top notes only last a few minutes, the middle notes are released around 15 minutes after application and the base notes last a number of hours depending on the perfume level. Prada Perfume is made from both natural and synthetic fragranced oils which are then diluted in either water or alcohol. The classic perfume is of a higher concentrate and lasts up to six hours as opposed to the Eau de Parfum, which only lasts three or four hours. The decision on whether to purchase the Prada perfume rather than the Eau de Parfum is basically down to the length of time it lasts rather than any real difference in the scent itself.

Making the Most of Prada perfume

Different skin types may notice that their Prada perfume lasts varying times. Prada perfume lasts longer on oily skin than on dry skin; this is because oily skin has moisture that contains the fragrance. The PH levels in each person's skin also differs and these individual acidity levels can affect the way that the Prada perfume reacts and also how long it lasts. To encourage the perfume to last longer, a layering effect can be useful. For example, using other Prada products such as moisturizer and bath gels can increase the length of time that the perfume lasts especially as the moisturizer basically locks in the scent in the same way that oily skin does.

Applying Prada perfume on a number of areas on the body can create a circle of fragrance around the body. Spraying the perfume on the hair, behind the knees, ears and other pulse points will generally ensure that the scent lingers for the entire day. Prada perfume should be stored in cool, dry areas that are kept well away from sunlight and heat as this can cause the ingredients to react while in the bottle. Opened bottles should be kept closed and boxed to give the perfume a longer life and also to prevent any evaporation.