Selecting The Right Perfume Tray

Ever since the days of Cleopatra, and perhaps earlier, perfumes have always been a part of a society's culture. Perfumes can be worn that reflect an individual's mood, reflect their personality or simply be worn to make a person feel good about themselves. Perfumes, simply put, make a statement when the fragrance of the perfume is taken in by the sensory organs.

In addition to the wonderful fragrance of perfumes, are the ways that perfumes are packaged. Often these perfumes are dispensed from beautiful decanters that come in various sizes, distinctive shapes and in a variety of appealing colors. Also, there is considerable chicness associated with the use and purchase of certain perfume labels that are associated with certain designers or influential personalities. For example, a man may choose to utilize a cologne product that bears the name of Michael Jordan or a woman may choose to be associated with the high standard of perfumes as indicated by a Chanel product.

Therefore, to display these fragrances, many individuals choose to place their quality perfume products on a perfume tray. When considering a perfume tray there are many factors to consider in the selection process. Some of those factors may include the size of the tray and how the tray is crafted.

Size Of The Perfume Tray

One of the first considerations in selecting a perfume tray is the size of this accessory. Obviously, if the tray is to be placed on a small area, such as a small vanity area or dresser, the size of the tray should not overpower the resting area.

In addition to considering the size of the perfume tray, the individual purchasing the item may want to consider the shape of the tray. Examples of perfume tray shapes could include a traditional heart shape, a round and simple, but elegant looking perfume tray, rectangular silver plated tray, etc.

The selected tray should be meaningful to the individual who will own the tray and reflect their own uniqueness. In addition, the perfume tray may serve as a sentimental reminder for the person to whom the tray is presented.

How The Tray Is Crafted

Another important feature in selecting a perfume tray is how the tray is crafted. When considering the crafting of the product the individual may wish to consider how the tray accents the perfume that the tray will hold. Often the tray is made from reflective material which helps to glamorize the perfume decanter or reflect the liquid of the perfume itself.

Also, you want the tray to be practical in its use. If there is accidental spillage the perfume tray will help to capture any leakage and therefore prevent damage to any furniture that the perfume may be resting on. Therefore, you may wish to purchase a tray that has an oval design so that the perfume will be contained by the perfume tray.