Defining Two Types of Perfume Hoaxes

The term perfume hoax has two very different meanings. Hoax would indicate that there is something false involved and this is true in both meanings. With this basic understanding the consumer can be aware, if they become involved with perfume hoax, they need to be wary. "Buyer beware" is a good statement to remember.

Perfume of another Name

There are many companies which are now involved in selling counterfeit perfumes. This perfume hoax is basically harmless to the consumer but does infringe on the quality perfumes put out by reputable manufacturers. The perfumes are created to smell like a popular scent and bottled in similar packaging. These perfumes are then sold at a fraction of the cost of the real perfume.

There are companies around the world which are active in producing perfume hoaxes as well as hoaxes on many other products. Sometimes the word faux is used as a description of the item. Faux is just a nicer way of saying fake. These companies deny the forgery they are committing and say they are simply using the real item as a reference for the consumer.

Benefits for the Average Person

There are benefits to perfume hoaxes for the consumer. For the person who has very limited financial resources this is a way to afford some nice perfumes which are very similar to expensive varieties. Some people would never in their life be able to afford the real perfumes sold at exclusive stores and this offers them a taste of fine things. Purchasing a faux perfume also give the consumer the chance to test the scent for a few days before investing in the real perfume.

Another benefit to perfume hoaxes is that the companies are often looking for sales people. These perfumes are an easy investment for something to sell on eBay or other internet market. It is important for the entrepreneur to always label the items in such a way the purchaser knows they are not the authentic brand of perfume.

Email Perfume Hoaxes

With the fear of terrorism another type of perfume hoax was created. Emails have circulated over the past few years describing a terrifying incident. The emails state that many women have been robbed or even killed. The robberies occur in parking lots where a person is approached and asked to sniff a perfume scent. This scent the supposedly incapacitates the person and they then become the victims of robbery. The people who were killed by a perfume hoax supposedly received a perfume sample in the mail which was a deadly toxin. Both these perfume hoaxes have been proven false but it would be wise for a person to keep them in mind. Buying and sampling perfume should be done with reputable companies and not some stranger on the street.