Nice or Not So Nice Perfume Gifts

Mothers from all over the world know the dread of getting perfume gifts from their child for their birthday, Christmas, or other gift giving time. Children love to give perfume to their mothers but rarely have any idea of what kind to buy or have the money for something worthwhile.

So the mother is stuck with something which smells horrible but she has to wear at least once for the benefit of their child's pride and heart. Although this will probably be a horrible situation for the mother it can be the beginning of a great appreciation for good perfume gifts for the whole family.

Choosing a Perfume as a Gift

People who wish to give a perfume gift to someone special need to take time to find out what kind of scents the recipient likes. It is great to get a perfume gift of a special scent which the wearer would normally buy for themselves. A husband will never do wrong if he knows what scent his wife wears and he keeps her well supplied over the years. The husband can look for special perfume gift packs in that special scent when they are available and purchase it for the next special occasion. His wife will be amazed that he is so thoughtful and aware of what she likes. Many department stores or online stores will send a note or email when there is a special gift set available and this can be quite helpful to the buyer.

Inexpensive Perfume Gifts

Good perfume can be very costly for a nice bottle of adequate size. But, there are ways to reduce the cost of a perfume gift. The first thing that can be done is to buy cologne rather than the perfume. Cologne is the same scent but is weaker and not as long lasting. Many women like to wear cologne daily and save perfume for special occasions. Cologne will usually run at least half the cost of the perfume for a much larger bottle.

Other less expensive items for perfume gifts are body or hand soap, lotion, or sachets. These items would be nice to combine with some other small trinkets in a gift basket. If a child is intent on buying their mother a perfume gift another family member would do well to steer the child in this direction. The child would be proud of the gift they have given and mom would also be pleased to receive it.