Find The Best Designer Fragrances On The Web At Perfume Emporium

Have you ever seen a designer perfume that you just had to have? While designer perfumes are known for their sophisticated scents and superior quality, the venues where these perfumes are sold are notorious for their high prices. Perfect example: a 3.4 ounce bottle of Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum spray would cost $62 at Sephora.

Due to high prices like these, many perfume buyers seek a different option. Many choose to visit the perfume emporium. The perfume emporium is an online perfume store, which strives to offer the lowest prices possible on all designer perfumes. Do you want proof? You would only spend $57 at perfume emporium on the same Calvin Klein perfume we mentioned earlier, as opposed to $62 that one would spend at Sephora.

About Perfume Emporium

Perfume emporium is an online store where you can purchase perfumes, fragrances, skin care, and colognes for both men and women. Their goal is to offer only quality, original designer perfumes for cheaper than the retail price. They do not sell knock-off perfumes or fragrances.

The store was started in 1999 by two brothers who wanted to open an online beauty store. Because every product is sold at the lowest price possible, the store relies heavily on the word of mouth of their customers to spread the word about their company. Thus, perfume emporium is very oriented toward its customers.

What Services Does Perfume Emporium Provide?

Perfume emporium is not only an online fragrance store. The company provides many online services that make shopping for perfume a much easier process. Each perfume on the website is reviewed and rated by customers. Additionally, a message board is provided, where each fragrance can be discussed in detail.

The forums on the website provide a venue for open discussion on a wide variety of topics, such as: specific perfumes and colognes, makeup, hair, skincare, clothes, shoes, accessories, designers, and models. The website also offers a monthly beauty tip for its customers.

Another area of the site provides daily horoscopes for readers. An additional feature is the ability to send online greeting cards, complimentary of perfume emporium, to friends. Greeting cards can be found for all occasions, including birthday, Christmas, graduation, and many more.

Not Just Your Average Fragrance Store

Perfume emporium has gone beyond its original goals of providing designer perfume for cheaper than retail price. The internet-based company has utilized the world wide web to enhance their company and appeal to a wide customer base.