Antique Perfume Atomizers

Perfume atomizers come in many shapes and forms but they all have the same basic use; to spray a fragrance. In the past, perfume atomizers were created with style and attractiveness in mind. Many antique perfume atomizers are desired by collectors, the more varied the better and the style of these atomizers are astounding. A lot of antique perfume atomizers are practically works of art, timeless creations that can be appreciated by old and young alike. Although these simple creations had a specific use, they can be used purely for show. In fact, a lot of people have purchased perfume based on the attractiveness of the atomizer.

Beautiful antique perfume atomizers can be purchased at antique shops or on the internet. Some are collectibles that increase in value while others are simply wonderfully designed creations that look great in any display case and also make unusual presents. These antiques are normally for show but up to date perfumes can be easily transferred into an old fashioned bottle with an antique perfume atomizer to spray it with. They are even passed down through family members and have become heirlooms for a lot of people.

Popularity of Perfume Atomizers

Perfume atomizers are placed on top of perfume bottles and normally can be squeezed to release the scent of the perfume. Generally speaking, the atomizer consisted of a top to the bottle with a rubber bulb attached that had to be pressed in order to spray the perfume. They were crafted around the world with precision and ornate style.


However, they did not start out this way. They were adapted from other types of atomizers and their popularity amongst women seemed to explode after WWI when soldiers returned home bearing gifts of perfume with ornate bottles and atomizers. The purchase of these items soon became a popular craze especially in contrast to the stark lack of comforts during the war.

The height of their popularity was in the 1920's when they were a flapper's most prized possession and many companies made a fortune by creating unusual bottles and atomizers during this time. Unfortunately, the growing trend did not continue and eventually many of these companies were either forced to close or else use their factories to create medical atomizers. Perfume atomizers are still admired but they do not have the same appeal as they once did even though it is possible that they will be unleashed on the marketplace yet again.