Dispensing Fine Fragrances: Perfume Atomizer

One of the major departments that the shopper needs to browse through when entering any major department store is the fragrance department. There, beautifully displayed, are the various fragrances that assault the sense of smell and visually beckon the casual and serious shopper to consider the purchase of these stimulating scents. In addition, as the shopper begins their travel through the store, they are often asked by various sales personnel to sample their wares.

Often these perfumes and colognes are packaged in beautiful decanters that at the push of a dispensing pump the fragrance is dispensed onto an individual's skin or on a fragrance card. It wasn't too long ago that these fine fragrances were dispensed utilizing perfume atomizers.

To appreciate the uniqueness of these dispensers of perfumes it is important to know how these dispensers of fine fragrances came about, how they were constructed and the various styles of perfume atomizers that adorned the vanity tables of many women.

The History Of Perfume Atomizers

The perfume atomizer evolved from a medical piece of equipment that was used to deliver medication to patients through a medicated mist. The first medical atomizer was invented in the year 1887.

Liquid medication was placed into a glass container. The attached apparatus, connected to the glass container, was made of a misting device. When the rubber bulb was pressed the medication was reduced to a fine mist which allowed for the medication to be dispensed into the nostril, mouth or ear.

Eventually this medical use of the atomizer evolved in its use to include the misting of perfume. The popularity of perfume atomizers increased following the First World War when returning soldiers brought these popular perfume atomizers home from the France.

How They Were Constructed

Specifically the perfume atomizer was constructed utilizing a glass container. Attached to the container was ornate hardware. Often the hardware was made in varying sizes and was finely crafted to give the perfume atomizer a very distinctive and elegant look. Attached to the hardware was tubing that allowed the flow of air. Often this tubing was made from metal and was hollow in nature. This allowed for the free flow of air when the rubberized bulb was squeezed.

The Stylishness Of A Perfume Atomizer

As the perfume atomizer became more popular, there were different styles of atomizers that became available to meet the various tastes and styles of various individuals. For example there were perfume atomizers that were crafted atop music boxes. This not only allowed for the dispensing of perfume, but the performance of various popular songs of the day.

In addition, there were distinctive perfume atomizers that were finely crafted. One such perfume atomizer was crafted by DeVilbiss and took on the distinctive appearance of a nude woman plated in gold metal standing on a platform and holding a colored green and gold bowl in her uplifted hands.