Perfume Ads: From Onion Ink Ads to Pleasantly Smelling Magazines

The times sure are changing; perfumes were once only found in departmental stores and boutiques and you had to go out to these places for your purchase. All that changed when some wise guy decided that the best way to get perfumes sold was to insert an ad into the pages of magazines to let people know that feeling and smelling good was wonderful for them. Perfume ads were born and later modified and spruced up and today they are a common occurrence.

Letting People Know How Perfumes Might Smell

Way back when perfume ads were in a nascent stage, an enterprising publisher even went so far as to spruce up the ad by adding onion essence to the ink used to write the ad so that people would get a whiff of it. Such a novel perfume ad certainly let everyone know how perfumes could smell through the novel medium of a strong and pungent perfume ad.

Perfume ads have come a long way since those onions-scented ads and now one can find magazines that smell nice and exotic, especially from France where perfumes are very popular. Even as enterprising a magazine as Rolling Stone is believed to smell like perfume, which bears testimony to the fact that there is much money to be made by selling magazines that contain perfume ads.

Any customer that is swayed enough into buying a perfume that he or she has smelt through a perfume ad will help the retailer of perfumes. This has led big business into making such ads that are more than just clever marketing gimmicks but a means to convincing buyers about the wonders of the perfume instead. There is reason to believe that such scented perfume ads are going to be around for some time to come.

The Right Ad at the Right Time

There is no doubting the fact that the vast majority of buyers do like to smell nice. However, convincing a buyer to purchase a particular perfume may not always be that easy as the particular scent should suit a person's mood, when he or she comes into contact with a perfume ad. There are many buyers too who will use a particular perfume because they like to smell nice and because the perfume ad may have struck the right chord by eliciting in them a desired emotional response.

Perfumes are a means to not only smell nice, but also to be at peace with oneself. This makes manufacturers of perfumes promote their perfumes through the medium of the perfume ad that emphasizes the pleasant smells rather than any other perceived benefit. The discerning buyer will thus usually keep emotions under check and buy only if convinced that the perfume will perform well and is not just an instantaneous smell and nothing more.