Paris Hilton Perfume: Use It for Day Wear or a Romantic Night Out

Many women would be willing to have their teeth pulled out in order to swap places with Paris Hilton even if it was for a day. Noted for her wealth and wild and wacky ways, this heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune also has her own line of perfume known as the Paris Hilton Perfume. So, if you cannot be like Paris Hilton, at least you can smell like her. Since May 2004, this extremely wealthy and multi-faceted person has lent her name to the fragrance line which is when the Paris Hilton Perfume was born.

An Instant Success

According to the heiress herself, the perfume is very hot and was mixed by her personally. In fact, you may be inclined to believe her as the Paris Hilton Perfume did become an instant success. The demand for this product grew bigger than expected and thus required greater numbers being manufactured even before Christmas came around that year.

Paris Hilton Perfume saw almost a 50 per cent increase in sales and the success of Paris Hilton Perfume saw further venturing out into the men's perfume domain with the release of Paris Hilton for Men which the Paris Hilton male admirers found very appealing. In fact, another fragrance was also released which was known as Just Me by Paris Hilton, that was unisex in its appeal.

From Apples to Ylang Ylang

Whatever else you might say or feel about Paris Hilton, the Paris Hilton Perfume does have a sophistication that most women would love to wear. This perfume has mixed frozen apples, muguet, peach as well as a few other ingredients such as mimosa, jasmine as well as tuberose. Nothing has been spared in providing women with a perfume that will lift their mood as there is also musk, sandalwood as well as oakmoss and ylang and ylang.

You would find the Paris Hilton Perfume to be ideally suited for wear during the day. However, it also works well in the night and could be the scent of choice if you are planning a romantic night out. Before shelling out the money, check the product carefully so as to prevent purchasing a fake.

If you can spare about $50 to spend on a big name brand fragrance, why not try out the Paris Hilton Perfume? You will get a 50ml Eau De Parfum Spray which can be perfect for when you put on something romantic in the evening or something professional for the office.