Learn How to Make Perfume and Make Heads Turn

Why pay a whole lot of money for perfumes that cost so much? A bottle of premier perfume will set you back $100 which might be more than you want to spend. Why not use your ingenuity make your own perfume with fewer ingredients and lower expenses? Yes, it is indeed possible to learn how to make perfume and also control the ingredients while having the fragrance customized to your desires.

Use Essential Oils, Alcohol and Distilled Water

When making your own fragrance, you would essentially use a third of essential oils and the remaining two thirds should be alcohol of which vodka would be very useful. Then, you can use a small percentage of distilled or bottled spring water.

When you decide on learning how to make perfume, you will need to buy essential oils which are available in craft stores, though an even cheaper alternative would be to use fragrance oil. You would also need a small container to store your homemade perfume and a sprayer will come in handy for this purpose.

Next, in your quest to learn how to make perfume you would have to mix the oils in order to obtain a suitable scent. You could mix half a cup of vodka and add as many as five drops of essential oil. You can then leave this mixture standing for a couple of days or more, and the longer it stands, the stronger it will turn out to be. Later, you can add a couple of teaspoons of water, which will control the strength of the perfume, and for longer lasting scent, a teaspoon of glycerin can also be added.

Base, Middle and Top Notes

There are unique notes in scented oils such as base notes, middle notes as well as top notes and each note has its own features and characteristics, which you can decide on according to your choice and needs. You should also remember when learning how to make perfumes that some scents will affect your mood in certain ways. So, you may opt for jasmine or lavender to stay calm, while the use of orange as well as ylang ylang will keep your anger under control.

Your learning how to make perfumes will grow as you visit different sites which will teach you various methods and recipes. Nevertheless, be prepared to get frustrated if you don't immediately get the scent right. Once, you get wise to the nuances and tricks of making perfume there is no reason why you should not be able to concoct some very special perfumes for yourself. So, get started and prepare your very own signature perfume today!