Origins of Burberry Perfume

Burberry is an internationally recognized brand that was established by Thomas Burberry in 1856. The company began with clothes but over time branched out into many other areas. Burberry rapidly grew into a well known brand based on their first product, men's raincoats. Upon their expansion, they developed quite a poor reputation. Despite the "chav" reputation that Burberry received in Britain, the company has since recovered some of its high class status around the world and its Burberry perfume has become one of the bestselling fragrances on the market.

Burberry perfume has now become popular with old and young alike and with people from all walks of life. The versatile scents are clean, fresh and inviting, compared to other brands that have perfumes which are strong, overpowering and even sickening. The line of perfumes are well priced and modern and are just as popular as other top brands, and this is exactly what the Burberry company was looking for. The Burberry perfume lines have directed the company back onto the right track and into a new stage of marketing. Both profits and reputation has been renewed and the company has improved their marketing beyond measure.

Selecting a Burberry Perfume

Burberry is well known for expanding their range, from clothes to perfume to baby products, they sell it all. There is a large number of Burberry perfumes on the market which means that there is pretty much something for everyone. From Burberry Brit to Burberry London, the collection of perfumes is brilliant. Burberry London is hugely popular, its mixture of musk and floral fragrances make it a memorable perfume. The base notes include sandalwood and musk, the middle notes contain jasmine and peony and the light top notes contain rose and honeysuckle.

For a lighter, more subtle scent, there is Baby Touch. The ingredients include milk, jelly and fruit and this is often sold as a gift set that includes body wash. The fragrance is lasting yet light and not at all overpowering. Burberry Brit is another top favorite scent that is woody and has a slightly oriental feel to it. The base notes contain musk and oriental woods; the middle notes include cedarwood and nutmeg while the top notes hold green mandarin and bergamot. Choosing a Burberry perfume depends on personal preference but as these three last scents show, there is something for every occasion and for every person.