Bottles And Scents: Tips For Starting A Collection Of Antique Perfume Bottles

People have all different sorts of collections these days. From rocks, to stamps, to buttons, there is literally no end to the items that you can assemble in a personal collection. However, many people find having a collection much more rewarding if the items that they collect are not simply everyday items found around the house.

In some cases, it is the hunt for the item that makes it the most valuable or worth while. For example, some someone might enjoy scavenging through yard sales and thrift stores for items such as rare manuscripts, or antique jewelry. Antique perfume bottles are yet another rare item that can be collected.

Research Before Starting Your Collection Of Antique Perfume Bottles

It is important to do research about the bottle style, period, and manufacturer that you are interested in collecting. You can find such information in books that are written on the topic; however, an even more readily available resource is the internet. Other aspects that you may want to locate information on include the history, features, and price of different perfume bottles.

Where Can I Find Antique Perfume Bottles?

So now that you have background information, it is time to begin your collection of antique perfume bottles. But where can you find them? You can begin by visiting antique stores in your area. You might also try websites such as Yahoo! and EBay. Occasionally, you can find what you are looking for at garage sales and yard sales. However, wherever you decide to purchase antique perfume bottles, it is important that you ask the manager or previous owner many questions about the perfume bottle and compare their answers to your research for accuracy.

When You Are Buying An Antique Perfume Bottle

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are buying antique perfume bottles. Firstly, it is important to check the bottom of the bottle to verify that it is an original brand. Secondly, make sure to evaluate the overall condition of the perfume bottle and check for chips, scratches, and stains. Also make sure that the label is not torn or peeled off. Finally, you should determine whether or not you want the original scent to be in the perfume bottle when you purchase it, and let this be another deciding factor in the process.

A One Of A Kind Collector's Item

Once you become an expert on collecting antique perfume bottles, you will easily be able to build and develop your collection. Perfume bottles are incredibly pretty and unique, and so your collection will be admired by all who see it.