Alien Perfume by Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler, a clothes designer, introduced Alien perfume on the market in 2005 as a long awaited follow up to his Angel creation. It is a blend of amber, vanilla, orange blossom and greens that were designed for casual wear. The wood notes in Alien perfume include cashmeran and the floral tone is dominated by jasmine.

This fragrance is of moderate strength and lasts about eight hours making this slightly Oriental fragrance a worthy buy suitable for every day use and lasting long enough for working hours. Alien perfume was released 13 years after Angel and this has definitely been sufficient time to create a new seductive and pleasing though not overpowering fragrance.

Thierry Mugler is an excellent judge of what women want and the fresh scent of Alien perfume is a great buy. If you haven't tried this type of perfume before then Alien is a good place to start. Men who are confused about selecting perfume would be safe with a perfume by Thierry Mugler. Alien perfume is not the only product available as there is a whole range of items that can be combined together to create a good overall fragrance.

Other Alien Products

Alien Perfume has an entire range of products such as the Alien Eau De Parfum, Shower Gel and Body Cream. Alien Eau De Parfum is not as strong as the more full-bodied perfume but it offers a more subtle option which may be more suitable for certain occasions.

Spraying the eau de parfum near the ear, along the neck line, wrist and other pulse points is guaranteed to create a long lasting even scent around the body. Just spraying it on your clothes will not generate the same effect as spraying it on the pulse points. Remember this if you want your fragrance to last longer.

The skin care and beauty products such as body cream and shower gel complete the overall fragrance effect while caring for the skin leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and rejuvenated. These luxurious products are an everyday treat for a deserving woman and ensure that they leave their homes with the feeling that they are looking their very best. The perfume also has a refillable option and all of the products are gorgeously packaged making them enticing even before they have been used. Alien Perfume displays the taste and style of its creator and appeals to many people.