Wearing Perfume the Right Way

Most people have had strange experiences with those who wear perfume in public. There are times when a person walks by and it causes those nearby to feel nauseated. The wrong scents, worn obnoxiously can cause immediate headaches, sneezing, and repulsion. There is a technique for wearing perfume the right way.

Perfume should always compliment the wearer. There are many nice scents on the market but only certain scents can be worn by certain individuals. A person needs to identify the kind of scent that fits them best. The choice between floral, musk, spicy scents or fruity scents is great. A person should spend some time exploring different types of scents and asking the opinion of reliable acquaintances.

This doesn't mean a person needs to buy several different types of perfume. The sales people at department stores are always willing to let a buyer sample the scents available. Sometimes, small free samples are even available. A person just needs to be careful that they do not try a perfume they end up hating and have to wear it for a lengthy period of time.

How Much and When

Once the ideal perfume is chosen the wearer needs to be careful of how much and when it is worn. Most perfumes only require a couple of small dabs to be effective. Most people dab the scent on their wrists; however the neck, behind the ears, or even in one's hair are also nice places. The lady may want to take into consideration what the purpose of the scent is. If on a romantic date, a gentleman will appreciate a womanly scent when he hugs the lady. Many men find the right scent on a lady very seductive. Of course, if the lady does not want a romantic encounter she should keep this in mind as the perfume may give the wrong idea.

There are places where perfumes of any kind should not be worn. Hospitals or the home of a very ill person do not need to be invaded by any kind of scent. People who are ill often have a distorted sense of smell and are made sicker when approached by someone wearing even the most delicious smelling scent. People who have asthma or other breathing problems may immediately find themselves in respiratory distress with some scents. The wearer needs to be very thoughtful of these possible situations.

Places that have crowded conditions should also be avoided with perfume. Church services, movie theaters, airplanes, and buses are not good places for scents. The right perfume is a wonderful accessory but one does need to use care and common sense in its wearing.