Getting to Know the Sun Conure Parrot

The Sun Conure parrot is a brilliantly colored small parrot known for its playfulness and good nature. In the wild, the Sun Conure parrot is sociable and likes to live in groups of about 20. The story of their name is that a flock of flying parrots resembled a sunset. They get to be about a foot long including their long tail. The people who love them swear that these little beauties are full of personality and charm.


A baby Sun Conure parrot is mostly green but the mature feathers are shades of orange and yellow with bright and blue. Both beak and feet are black. Their eyes are dark brown with a white circle. Unlike some other parrots, the coloring is the same for male and female. Their ability to talk is limited and their voices are tiny and bird-sounding.

They do have a talent for imitating sounds like beeping tones. The Sun Conure parrot is among the screeching parrot types. Their loving owners, who are admittedly biased, claim that the long periods of screeching means that the parrot is happy or is greeting a new day or is seeking the attention of the loving owner. That may be true, of course.

The Sun Conure parrot thrives on a varied diet and likes to eat a lot of human food. About half of the parrot's diet should consist of grains, breads and cereals. Fresh vegetables should make up another 45%. The Sun Conure parrot can also have cooked vegetables if the flavoring is not too human-pleasing.

The other five per cent can be fresh fruits and protein. A mineral block can add calcium and keep the beak trim. Fruits should be limited. The protein can be nuts, meat or beans. Avoid cabbage, avocado, iceberg lettuce and parsley. They can be harmful to the Sun Conure parrot. Remember to refresh the water a few times a day. The Sun Conure parrot likes to splash around in the water bowl.

This breed of parrot is affectionate with its humans and likes to play. It also enjoys the company of other birds and willingly shares its cage. The cage should have plenty of room for play and toys are well-received. For safety reasons, its wings can be clipped painlessly if that's preferred. A well-cared for Sun Conure parrot can live for 25 to 30 years, making it a life long member of the family.