The Senegal Parrot: A Pet to Treasure

When thinking about the right parrot to purchase, there are many options. The potential owner should look into each of these options carefully, because parrots are a big commitment. If a parrot enthusiast is looking for an averages-sized, beautiful, and intelligent parrot, then the parrot enthusiast should look into the purchase of a Senegal parrot as an option.

What is a Senegal Parrot?

The Senegal parrot has origins in Africa, where it is actually considered a pest because of its penchant to feed on various kinds of crops. In Africa, the Senegal parrot can be found in the savannah, as well in areas of open woodland. They are easily recognized by sound alone, as they are not a particularly quiet bird and speak with distinctive chirps and whistling noises.

Senegal parrots are distinctive physically in that their head is charcoal gray in color, their back and neck are green, while their eyes and the underside of their body are yellow. In Senegal parrots, it is not particularly easy to tell males from females, but in general it can be noted that the males have slightly heavier and longer bodies than females.

Senegal parrots have only recently been implemented into households as pets, and are still more widely found in the African wild. They make fun pets, as they are very inquisitive and playful. They have limited speaking ability, but they can mimic some sounds like the high pitched beep of a microwave.

The convenient thing about Senegal parrots is that while they like to talk a lot, they are not overly loud. It should be noted that Senegal parrots are one-person parrots, and have a surprisingly jealous streak to them when it comes to seeing their owner paying attention to others. Although these parrots do tend to bond with only one person, that obstacle can be overcome by having them socialize with other family member right from babyhood.

While domesticated versions of these parrots do make lively and fun pets, they have to have been born in captivity to be so. Wild Senegal parrots are too mistrustful of people and are thus nearly impossible to tame However, it is illegal to capture and sell wild parrots in the first place.

Senegal parrots can sometimes be found in pet stores, but to be on the safe side, it is best to do some research and find a reputable breeder. The price of these parrots will vary as well, but they generally will see for no more than $500. Regardless of the price, the Senegal parrot is an amusing little parrot that can bring many years of fun and friendship.