Ringneck Parrot - One of the Best Pets in the World

There are species and species of parrots and among all of these you will find that the ringneck parrot is one of the best known, though not always the most popular pet parrot species. There are a lot of negative rumors around these parrots. Hopefully this article will clear some of the negativity associated with these parrots.

What you Need to Know

The ringneck parrot makes a very hostile pet - this belief comes maybe from the fact that the ringneck parrot bluffs biting to scare people (or any other enemy away). Their aggressiveness is faked because in order to project a more fearful image of self so the predators do not eat it.

As well, the ringneck parrot hates company and shuns it - nothing can be farther from truth. They, like any other parrot love to play, love company and make very sociable pets. This rumor must have originated from the fact that initially the ringneck parrot is very timid and hides wherever possible in the cage to avoid human contact.

Only the male ringneck parrot will be able to speak. The female of this species does not speak. This is a total myth. Both make and female speak - and to sweeten the deal, they speak in a very short span of time - and you do not need to really teach them to speak. They kind of "catch" it.

Furthermore, only the ringneck parrot which is removed early from their mothers can be tamed - otherwise they will remain wild, in spite of the best of best treatment, and training. A baby parrot would need much more interaction than an adult one. Depending upon the quality of your interaction, you will increase or decrease the time of making it tame.

Remember that the greener the ringneck, the better pet they will make. There is no truth in this belief. The nature of the parrot has nothing to do with the color of the pet. The ring neck's behavior will always be dependent on how he was treated by the owner. If people behave nicely with it, they become tame soon; if they are teased, they can bite very violently, at what they think is self-defense.

All the ringnecks are highly aggressive - People are dissuaded from buying it because they are famed to be very aggressive and biting birds. It is not true though. Some of these birds are aggressive, but this depends on how they were treated previous to the present sale.