Getting to Know the Red Bellied Parrot

Anyone can see that the many types of parrots look quite different, but it is also true that their personalities have just as much variety. The Red Bellied Parrot is among the smaller breeds. Most are just about nine inches long, including the somewhat short tail. They have a sturdy look to them and are playful and amusing.

They are quiet compared to some other breeds. While they are capable of a screech, they don't do it often or repeatedly. The bottom line is that the Red Bellied Parrot makes a really good pet.

Fun, Funny, Friendly

Parrot experts like to call birds like the Red Bellied Parrot sexually "dimorphic" which just means that the male and female look different. In this case, it's the male that has the red belly with some green plumage. The female has some green and sometimes a tinge of orange. When they are babies, it's a little harder to tell the gender. Almost as striking as the red belly is the bright red eyes that both male and female have.

Although their speaking voices are not as attractive as that of the African Grey, the Red Bellied Parrot does speak well. They love to play and will use almost anything as a toy. The Red Bellied Parrot should have a cage somewhat larger than another bird their size would have. They need extra room to play. They also like to hang upside down by a single toe, making them an amusing addition to the household. They are not afraid of strangers and usually ignore them to continue whatever activity they were enjoying.

They bond well with their human family members and love to be handled. Unfortunately, they are prone to panic attacks. If your Red Bellied Parrot should suddenly startle and flutter away from something, don't pursue it. It's natural to want to comfort your little bird but a frightened Red Bellied Parrot will interpret it as being chased and will become more frightened.

Several such episodes will make the parrot fearful of its owners. If it should become frightened, speak quietly to it from a distance and let it come to you for comforting. Other than these sudden frights, the Red Bellied Parrot can be aggressive with other birds. They will not acknowledge that another bird is larger and go after a bird that can harm it. The Red Bellied Parrot loves socializing, however. If other birds are in the household, allow them to socialize under human care and they will learn to get along. The Red Bellied Parrot makes a delightful pet and is a good addition to almost any home.