A Parrot Talking Provides Endless Hours of Entertainment

Parrots are mysteriously beautiful birds, and are also incredibly intelligent. Because of this extraordinary intelligence, it is likely that a parrot owner will find their parrot talking at some point or another.

Parrot Talking: Which Breed Talks the Most Effectively?

Although some parrot-lovers will argue this point, it is generally accepted that the African Grey parrot is the most likely to enchant its owners with its parrot talking. This parrot has an amazing cognitive ability to imitate the words and phrases that are most frequently used in its presence. There have actually been several African Greys with documented vocabularies of around a thousand words.

As beautiful as African Greys are, they are also very expensive, and so many prefer to choose smaller parrot species with the hope that although they are lower in price they will still talk. It is important to note that the chances of a smaller parrot talking are rather reduced, since some do not have the cognitive ability to learn more than a couple of words, and if they do learn those words they might be rather difficult to understand.

How to Get a Parrot Talking: The Important Factors

Teaching a parrot this skill will, of course, require a lot of patience and repetitious teaching of a certain word or phrase. Of course, people sometimes tend to take advantage of this and teach their parrot rather risqué words and phrases. When embarking on the path of trying to get one's parrot talking, there are several factors one must take into consideration.

The younger the parrot, the easier it will be to teach them to talk. Young parrots are extremely inquisitive, and this inquisitiveness makes for great learning abilities. Older parrots who have never spoken before will be quite hard to teach simply because they will require more socialization and patience.

When choosing the best time of day to teach the parrot, there are actually two options: the early morning, and the early evening. The reason for this is because parrots are vocal at these times anyway because of their nesting habits.

After the proper research in regards to finding the most effective teaching techniques for each parrot breed, one is sure to find a way to get their parrot talking. A parrot talking is not only amazing, but also quite funny, and their imitations are sure to be a delight for their owners.