Choose Your Pet From Among the Parrot Species

Many would advise you to choose a pet from among the parrot species because they are beautiful, intelligent, and attractive and they can literally talk with you. This is a great alternative to having a dog as a pet.

In case you do not have any choice, nor you really recognize many of the parrot species the let me help you a little. Always take a person who knows about parrots and parrot species when you go to buy a new parrot. This is will ensure you choose the right bird. There are many parrot species that can cost less and there are others whose price (high) will leave you with your mouth hung open.

The Need to Protect the Parrot Species Globally

The fact the all the parrot species make such good and extraordinarily beautiful pets is one which is putting on the heavy demand on the market in general. The high demand in turn requires prompt bird catchers to bring more and more exotic birds for sale and distribution world wide. Owing to this trend which has started a decade or so ago, now there are very few of the parrot species left to admire and keep as pets.

There is an emerging burning need to protect these species from extinction. The local bodies should help checking and stopping hunting of any parrots. The buying and selling - both - should be declared illegal and hence if anyone are caught doing so, the people concerned should be arrested and put behind bars for anything between 6 months to 1 year along with a very hefty fine, which if it not possible and then the person should work without pay till the fine is paid, even it takes 10 years for that matter.

Steep laws would give best results: The laws should not only be made strict but also imposed well. Then only it will percolate to the layperson and things will start moving into the right direction. For pets, certain more 'available' species like the common Indian green ringneck, which is in plenty everywhere could be used instead.

It is time that we acted and protected each and every bird that lives today and has a place on the protected species list. We should always keep in mind that the green parrots are better and more convenient if to take as pets than any other of the parrot species.

If you are not happy, maybe you should adopt a virtual pet on the Internet. You ask for virtual pet on the search tab - and then follow the instruction therein. You still have the choice of adopting a cat or dog instead, also.