Parrot Rescue: A Salvation Service

There are many avian welfare organizations around the country which take care of birds that are stranded without homes or owners. Most of these salvation centers, or also known as parrot rescue centers offer helping hand to those in needs as well. The main reason why these parrot rescue services were started many years ago was to resolve the issue of growing displaced captive parrot over-population problem.

Basically these rescue centers adopt the parrots to take of them, just like how the owner would or, or even better. There are many helpline numbers in which you can call for service, if you happen to find a parrot on the streets without anywhere to go and you can't take care of it.

Your Part in it all

But the parrot rescue service does not stop there alone. Any individuals who wish to adopt parrot can contact these parrot rescue organizations and arrange for an adoption. These bird centers do not only have parrots, but so many other different types of birds as well. So these people working there are very well trained when it comes to any type of birds.

Thus when you are going to adopt from them, basically there would be nothing to worry of, simply because they will provide you with every necessary advice you need in taking care of a parrot, especially a parrot which has been rescued from problems and traumatized by surroundings.

Or if you had a parrot and now that you are moving somewhere which does not support the bird, you may try too find a new home for your bird. In such cases, you may call the welfare parrot rescue centers, and they will either adopt the bird from you, or they may perform a re-placement for your bird, meaning to say that they would find someone who wants to adopt the bird in particular.

Such avian rescue centers also cater to animals which suffer from cruelty. If you find someone torturing their parrot, you might just immediately call the parrot rescue center, and together with the other relevant authorities, they would take over the ownership of the bird right away, either adopting it for themselves or finding a new place for it. Besides that, there are also many cases where some parrots which psychiatric illnesses that pose danger to humans. And in such cases, you may also call the rescue center or any organization related to parrot rescue services for help.